What do others say?

Just had my last session with Audrey and I’m a happy bunny.

In four months, I’ve come leaps and bounds and Audrey played a huge part in that transformation. She showed traits that I think are invaluable for a life coach to have: a non-judgemental attitude, warmth, flexibility, attentiveness and good listening skills.

We covered a variety of areas such as career, mental well-being etc. and I always felt that the sessions and the tasks/“homework” I was set, were tailored to me and that she genuinely cared about my progress.

I appreciated this kind of coaching because Audrey didn’t hand out the answers on a plate, she encouraged and guided you so that they could come from you which I found immensely useful. So, if this is the type of approach that might appeal to you, Audrey would be a great match.
— Jessica HM

Audrey has changed my life. Coaching with her has been one of the best decision I’ve ever made. I was going through a really bad moment in my life and from session 1 she made me feel very comfortable. She has changed my mindset, she has taught me how to control my thoughts, those that make you think you are not good enough or you are not able to do something. I will be always grateful for It and I will always recommend her as a coach.
— Cristina Haro

Audrey is amazing. I can truly say she changed my life and mindset for the better in a short space of time and people have noticed the difference. I came to coaching with a very specific goal in mind. However, through her skilful questioning, patience and coaching abilities she helped me come to a decision from the inside out. Although it is different from the one I started with, I am now on a path I am meant to be on, not have to be on. This is what transformational coaching is all about.
— Linda, Entrepreneur

I don’t quite know how I can recommend Audrey enough! I’ve been coaching with Audrey for a good 6 months now. We’ve covered everything from my personal values and personality, relationships (both professional and personal) to career vision and long term plans. I can understand that, to some, coaching might not seem necessary or perhaps daunting, but I can honestly say it’s been one of the best things I’ve ever invested in.
— Elizabeth James - Entrepreneur

I have really enjoyed my journey with Audrey. I came to her when I was feeling very unconfident about managing my freelance work and other life commitments. Through creative exercises and thoughtful discussions she has helped me to work at living a more manageable lifestyle - which was progressively becoming more stressful and over whelming. After seeing her I always leave feeling more positive about my next steps for the future.
— Stella - Freelance Designer in Theatre & Film

Thank you for being so caring and going the extra mile when you didn’t need to. I appreciate every minute of it. Your coaching allowed me to realise there is more than one way to control and redirect my thoughts to avoid stewing in the negative ones. With your patience and intuition I always felt at ease and the overall experience left me feeling valued, listened to and worth something.
— Fraser- Filmmaker

Working with Audrey has been life changing for me. About a year ago, I was anxious all the time, sad, had no confidence and just felt like I didn’t want to be me anymore. I knew I needed help and when I read Audrey’s profile online I knew she was the person I wanted to work with. Audrey got to know me, her coaching sessions were tailored for me, it definitely wasn’t a one-size fits all approach and it worked! People around me have commented on my confidence and I feel much more in control. Audrey is kind and compassionate, an amazing person and life coach!
— Sureiya

I came to career coaching with some experience of coaches. I’d been through some of the exercises and structured approaches and it had only got me so far. When I started working Audrey I felt like she was very intuitive. She realised which style of coaching was going to work best for me. I wasn’t someone who was perhaps able to simply go through the exercises. She was amazing at both giving me structure but also being very flexible with where I was at week to week, having a plan but also improvising when I was having a bad week or introduced new ideas.

I’m really glad that I went through the months of coaching with Audrey. She is an incredibly positive and supportive influence. Like a great coach she doesn’t hand you answers but I felt she knew where I wanted to go and was able to help me come to that realisation and then get me to say it, believe it and endorse it.

Through working with Audrey, I have a lot more clarity on what my dream is, steps to get there and more fuel in the tank to push me there.
— AJ - Writer

I had the privilege of receiving 8 months of coaching from Audrey. She was caring, upbeat and incredibly insightful. I went into coaching at a time when I felt overwhelmed by decisions and challenges in my life. I had reservations about the efficacy and value of coaching, but was desperate, so gave it a try. I am now sold!!! Audrey was an incredible listener, gentle yet able to challenge me to reach new heights and support me through the process. I highly recommend her!
— A. P

My 6 month coaching engagement with Audrey was immensely valuable. I was going through a challenging time where I had lost sight of my goals, never mind how to achieve them. With a lot of patience, creativity and very well articulated questions, she helped me achieve clarity and equipped me with some powerful tools to keep myself on the right path in the longer term.
— Victoria M.

Audrey is an incredibly talented and naturally gifted coach who is able to guide you to your truth that will resonates with you. Inspiring, fun, highly professional and personable are only a few things to mention about this talented coach as there is so much more to her incredible personality. Her passion to make you the best you can be shines through with every action she takes and I would highly recommend Audrey to anyone looking to change direction in life.
— Monika B. - Digital Marketing Manager

When I first met Audrey, I was stuck in a job that was making me miserable and I had no idea what else to do. Our work together gave me clarity, helping me to visualise what I really wanted and how I could get there. Each time I met Audrey, I came away feeling empowered; realising something new or making a new decision for myself. Asides from focusing on my career,
I always felt like I could talk to Audrey about other areas of my life, and she helped me to find strength and confidence. Audrey has a vibrant and positive energy and she instantly puts you at ease. I have now left my job and am on the path to a new career but above all, I’m so much happier!
— Jo T.

I count myself incredibly lucky to have Audrey as my coach. She is engaging, motivational, warm and compassionate. And most importantly, she clearly cares deeply about what I say, and the specific guidance she imparts. Every session so far has been different, and has made a difference. Thanks Audrey
— Fred

Audrey was recommended to me during a time where I felt lost in every sense of the word. I thought I knew what I wanted going into our sessions, but she gave the tools to truly carve a better path for myself. Help is an understatement when describing what Audrey can do for her clients. She provides a safe space to reflect, and guides you through your own language to find what you are looking for. If you need someone while you are re-routing, Audrey is your best shot.
— Ashley - Actor

Thank you Audrey for your help and support during our sessions. Your guidance and honest feedback helped me move forward when I was facing important professional decisions.
— Anne-Laure - Marketing Manager