Coaching with Audrey Cairo


Being in the unknown

is the start of

a good treasure hunt




the effects of coaching

 Whether you are in need of direction, want to build your confidence, find a new career, get unstuck or want to go from good to great.  Whatever change you want to make you will learn to (re)connect to  yourself, find your voice, your values and your strengths and step confidently towards your goals.

Unleashing your potential. 


Co-Active Coaching aka life coaching

It's all about the 'Being' and the 'Doing' and knowing that who we are is as important as what we do.  

Co-Active coaching or Life Coaching is an experience of personal and professional development, working together with your coach to start using your natural creativity and resourcefulness to find answers, new perspectives and actions to the challenges that you face.

I can hear you think - 'but what if I don't know the answer?' Not to worry, in our sessions we will first start with looking at where you currently are and where you would like to create changes in your life.  You will create main goals of what you ideally would like to accomplish and we will start exploring you as a whole and building the muscles that are needed to be on purpose.

As a Co-Active coach, I can work alongside of you during different types of goals whether they are in your professional or personal life. From getting you back on track, building your confidence, learning how to move forward with depression or anxiety to keeping you accountable while setting up business.   You will learn to declutter your mind, find clarity and move forward.



  • Building confidence

  • Finding motivation

  • Career change or next steps

  • Getting unstuck and moving forward

  • Finding passions, ambitions and strengths

  • Moving forward with depression and anxiety

  • (Re)Connecting with self

  • Learning to deal with stress

  • How to build new relationships

  • Personal development

  • Leadership

  • Or to simply have some time for yourself to create clarity


"Our work together gave me clarity, helping me to visualise what I really wanted and how I could get there.  I came away feeling empowered; realising something new or making a new decision for myself."

- Jo T.