Winter sleep

I've loved my time working in the media industry both in the Netherlands as in the UK. The long hours didn’t matter as it was crazy fun and they had the best wrap parties.

I was working towards my dream in a fun environment, finding great (or simply silly) stories, learning new things and championing TV contestants. Working with talented people, from producers to contestants, was all I wanted to do.

A few years into my London adventure, in the midst of recession, I found myself having to choose between finding something stable in my life or crashing down. I was faced with personal family issues which caused a lot of sadness, within me and others around me. 

At this stage my dream wasn’t important anymore, but my sanity was. 

When my GP asked me if I wanted some medication I said no, but I asked to speak to someone instead. I knew this was the first step to not completely lose myself, so I went to see a lovely lady whose face I’ve forgotten because I was mostly crying when I came to see her (not that I feel guilty not remembering her, as crying felt so good I didn’t need to see a face)

To protect myself I felt I went into a ‘winter sleep’ putting everything on hold. I didn’t have the ability to focus or to keep up with the hustle and bustle of the TV industry, or to play nice (aka suck up) to everyone to join their production team.

As I wasn’t ready to move back to the Netherlands, the questions were: How was I going to afford to stay in this expensive town keeping my head up? What else could I do besides working in production? What other skills did I have? Who else could I be?

Looking at my experience, my studies and knowledge, the simple answer was – working with people in whatever way.

So here I was with a very basic answer trying to reinvent myself: Audrey Cairo - a People’s person, full stop. Let’s see how far I can get with that…

I had a lot of rejections in the months of me suffering internally, but where there was darkness there was a shimmer of light, as where can’t you not work with people?

To make this long story a bit shorter, this is how I came to work in media recruitment. Someone saw something in me and I was hired for my personality and ability to understand what their candidates might be going through, understanding their ideal path.

I didn’t treat my role as a recruitment role but as a casting job or dating agency, for both clients and candidates. I was curious about almost everyone I met, looking at their personality, how will one fit with the other, who are they, what would they love doing, who do they need within your team etc. It was about helping candidates and clients looking at their needs and not putting a number on someone’s head, but supporting them to where they want to go next.

Funny enough this all came natural, even when I partly was still in my ‘winter sleep’ finding calm and slowly starting to enjoy things around me. I was seeing the city in a different light, awakening and creating my new dreams.

I think it took me 2.5 years to properly get out of my winter sleep but when I woke up, I was Awake! Even though I have enjoyed helping hundreds of candidates on their way to their dreams, I personally wasn’t in the right job or following my own dream. Which made me unhappy in this new awakened state.

I realised that I wasn’t a recruiter by heart, this wasn’t my path. But who was I? 

And there we went again: I’m a people’s person…but I added: I love getting the best out of others, helping them find their confidence, talents and dreams. 

Instead of settling in the environment that I was in, a new path was created:            Audrey Cairo a professional ‘XXX’ Coach.

After 2 years of training, certifying and coaching alongside a full time job, I’ve taken the plunge. I quit my job following a whole new dream and adventure trying to help people not to get lost on their way and to shine a light on their path when dark or cloudy.

You might think, “Great she got there in the end! ”Ha! Wrong! This is only the beginning, as with new dreams come new challenges.

The reason why I mentioned Audrey Cairo a XXX Coach – is that besides a lot of people still being scared of the word ‘Life’ the ‘XXX’ still needs to be filled in a bigger sense. Some say it to be crucial in the coaching world to find a niche, but I’m not ready to add one.

Where I coach men, woman, in or out a creative industry or charities, people who are trying to find their goals through depression, or simply ambitious people set goals for their business, the important part is the connection between me and my coachees. 

My hope is that after me sharing a part of my story, that you feel at ease to contact me if you feel that you need to be listened to and need some help.  

So if you’re looking to make a change in life, career, business, wanting to build your confidence and so on – in the end a Coach is a Coach. Coaches are people’s people and we’re here to help you find your way and be your champion..

Thank you for reading.